Posted by: Blue Heavens | 25 May, 2007

Post-BlogOut2007 Thoughts

BlogOut2007 was held last night at the Geek Terminal down at 55 Market Street. It was really a first of its kind event for us organising it. Twitter, campfire, flickr, blogroll blah blah blah…. Based on complexity wise, I must say that organizing this event involves a hell lot of work to do, tho I’m not really that pleased with the results.

Let me make it clear such that I’m not blaming anyone here for the problems, just my faults and mine alone for not taking up the responsibility to lead when there’s a need for me to do so. Would like to apologise to everyone whom I’ve upset!

  1. Internet access was not really a pleasure to use, esp when it went down in the middle of the event. But kudos to Geek Terminal who got us back up asap.
  2. Twitter is freaking unreliable. It is something we depended heavily on but it failed us time and time again.
  3. I wouldn’t like to complain so much but logistics wise, the timeframe the venue supporter was working on was not satisfactory. No dry run + lotsa last min work.
  4. Coordination of food and drinks should be done better on our part ->not enough drinks to go around during the start of discussions.
  5. There were some areas which I feel could have been done better, such as settling early on the program segment and new media section.
  6. It was a good way to bond the team together, esp for new guys like Estee and Mike, who totally rawked!! (Tho Mike pangseh us to go on cruise!! Oh ya and held his birthday gathering on Monday so Geek couldn’t start work on time!! Screw u!! Haha juz kidding!! :P)
  7. Finally my failure to coordinate and work closely with the team. I totally agree with Meow that it’s my fault and I certainly could have managed the team better, such as enforcing engaging and consulting the peeps on their roles more regularly.

I’m sure this is not the end of the list. Will add more when I really sit down and think of it.

I really appreciate learning the lessons from team management and event organizing. There’re really a lot of stuff to take in from all the knowledgable peeps around me, be it TDM or the community that we’re building. It makes me feel stronger and more ready to face the world.

I wanna fulfil my dreams….



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  2. Hey Wayne, can you use your real name for blogging? Easy to search and link! Thanks

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