Posted by: Blue Heavens | 28 May, 2007

Pacific Internet @irPower Seminar Write Up

Helped out at this Pacific Internet @irPower Seminar down at Conrad International Centennial Singapore Presidential on Friday 25th May 2007. For the record, I would like to say…..THE FOOD’S FABULOUS!!!! They had a turn out of around 25 people and most of them were from the heavy industries sector with a couple of technology guys. From what I understand, Conrad was chosen because of its close proximity to the signal station where the presidential suite is facing.

Seminar Equipment

We started off by having an introduction by the emcee, followed by a speech by Jayesh Easwaramony from Frost and Sullivan on Powering Ubiquity. It was a brief but concise presentation touch on the improvements on technology, especially Internet usage in established digital culture websites such as Youtube. He talked about the world becoming more of a connected landscape as compared to a few years back with the improvements in technological sophistication and user patterns.

Seminar Overview

He then proceeded to talk about up and coming HSPDA and WiMax having the potential to replace existing fixed leased lines and at the same time, moving the world towards a mobile platform. One thing that I found interesting was the extent of mobile usage, be it Internet or cell phone calls. Jayesh mentioned that nowadays, it is very common for consumers to use mobile tools in fixed places, eg. Cell phones replacing fixed phone lines in homes, usage of WiFi broadband in homes, etc… Finally he touched on the changing of consumer patterns that is governing the need for businesses to tweak their perspectives to capture these changing (and some emerging) markets.

Next up is Olivier Reins from Pacific Internet doing a bit of introduction to Pacific Internet (I would say who needs an introduction to Pacnet??). After that was the introduction of @irPower.

AirPower Setup

For a person like me not having a sufficient background on WiMax and this @irPower plan, the numbers surprised me.

AirPower Comparison 

Though this diagram might seem too one-sided, but the features really eliminated my qualms about concerns such as fixed line reliability vs wireless. Fyi, there is a need for a load balancer as @irPower uses 2 lines, 1 as a backup, thus the load balancer is there to help you get more out of both lines. With the 2 lines, it is possible to do a “burst” of your access speed to reach up to 4MB, with no extra charges for a given time each month!

Haha after that was TEA-BREAK!! As I mentioned above, the food is fabulouso!!! Smoked salmon sandwiches, glorious tarts, specialty cakes + dessert… Seems like a full-course meal save for the high tea food. Coupled with wonderful ambience and perfect service, it makes me yearn for it once more!!

Seminar Demo

After the tea-break, there was a short demo on the WiMax setup that the PacNet engineers brought in to showcase. Last but not least was a speech by a speaker from SPRING Singapore, presenting SRPING’s support for SME development in Singapore and the initiatives of the Entreprise Development Agency, which is promoting entrepreneurship and nurturing a pro-business environment among all its other aims.

Event ended at around 4.00pm and as a helper, this equates to getting more of the remaining food!! Haha no wonder I’m getting fatter… Shucks!


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