Posted by: Blue Heavens | 4 June, 2007

Community Based Dependency

Catching on to the latest book, The Perfect Store (Ebay), that I’ve managed to finish (in a long while), it impresses me quite a bit. Not because of their phenomenal boom in sales or revenue numbers, or the number of sign ups or auction listings, but it’s the vision of a fair marketplace and the importance of the community.

I would say this would be similar to the culture and community we’re building up at The Digital Movement. The book highlighted the reliance of the Ebay’s policies on the acceptance and engagement of the community that surrounds the success of the company. This is what TDM is made of. Not the events that we’ve organised, not the power and passion, nor the entrepreneurial spirit that we have but the people we’ve involved throughout this 1 year that TDM is in existance.

Let me describe it in this way.

The circumference of the sphere are made of the people who are starting to be engaged through the power of viral methods, word of mouth, blogs, newspapers. These people are the ones spreading the word and enlarging the sphere of community. The larger the surface area of the sphere, the more people that we, as a whole, can reach out to. It could be exponential at its peak, but I would say that the optimum rate would probably be at a rate proportional to the square of the increase in radius 😛

In the central layer is the people we’ve touched in this one year. The longer that we’ve had relationships with, the deeper to the core these people are found. The bond is at a level that it requires a sufficiently huge amount of distructive energy or force to break. These are the communities that we’ve reached out to and the people that have supported us at events.

One level deeper would be the people who has given us feedback, and in some way or another, affected the way we’re running. I would say these group of people are influential to the organisation, and I’m sure would be influential to the society. Our advisors, our dearest friends, our utmost supporters, even family members who come in and make an effort to push and crowd towards the centre.

Finally would be the core, the centre of the spherical planet, made up by the members. We’re the family, the one that supplies the gravitational pull towards the communal sphere that surrounds us. We’re all interdependent, without the outer layers we have no core.

As time passes, there are sporadic movement within the sphere, traversing from one layer into the other, in and out of the sphere, and affecting the perfectness of the shape. But it’s all part and parcel of the flow, without which life is non-existant.

Am I confusing you? Honestly, I’m confused myself.. It’s just some random thoughts.

To all these people around… I sincerely thank you…


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