Posted by: Blue Heavens | 7 June, 2007

I Was Mesmerized by the Buttocks of…

Was driving to work this morning, and at the South Buona Vista exit on AYE towards Tuas, I found myself staring straight at the behind of this beauty….

Subaru Legacy Behind2 

The new look Subaru Legacy….

Now is my explanation at my “indecency”. If you look closely at how the tail lights, rear bumper and its exhaust pipes, you will find that it sorta reminds you of a few high-end expensive untouchable moving beauties. I think it looks like an Aston Martin + Maserati with a taste of the Jaguar XKR tailights. If the above picture doesn’t convince you, try taking a look at this closely, which is using a shade commonly used by owners of models I’ve just mentioned.

 Subaru Legacy Behind

Don’t you just love staring at its buttocks? I wun say the front attracts me as much, but with the power that this beauty is packed with, I would safely say Subaru is taking a leap over its competitors.

For one that’s not impressed by design of the previous ranges of Impreza, Forrester, Outback, I would say I’m looking forward to Subaru’s next design!! (The Galant is an exception, where its design is well ahead of its time then.)


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