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TDM iX New Media Collaboration 2007!

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Hi folks, very happy to announce our next project, which is a collaboration with SITF to bring their flagship event, the iX conference to our community, and in the meantime, bring the culture and energy that marks TDM into the mix as well!

The theme for iX this year is focused on Digital Media, and they have assembled a great list of the current thought leaders in Digital Media. These speakers span across the technology, media, and application aspects of new media, and we are very happy to bring them to you! We are running a separate forum, and we are also their New Media partners. Without further ado, here are more details on why and how we are doing @ iX, and how you can be part of it.

Why are we doing iX?

Our community is largely entrepreneurial and new media centric (the funniest, yet most accurate one that describes our community is probably here). Given this orientation, the theme and speakers for iX is highly relevant to us. As such, we are bringing them to you in the form of a separate forum called the…. ACADEMIC FORUM! Yup, it is called the Academic Forum, but the same quality of audience, the informality, and energy that marks TDM will still be there. As opposed to the main iX forum, which will discuss topics geared towards enterprise topics, we will be gearing the sessions to discuss topics like entrepreneurial opportunities, the next generation of new media etc.

Another reason why we are participating in iX is to bring the 2 communities of SITF and TDM closer. There has been a traditional disjoint between the established IT industry in Singapore, and our younger community. We think that there can be tonnes of synergy between these 2 sides in terms of sharing of resources and expertise. It has long been our thinking that there are many baby steps that can be taken towards bridging this gap, and iX is one of them. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, drop a comment if you want to be involved in our plans to bridge this gap!


New Media | The Next Generation of Convergence

We will be discussing how the next generation of digital media technology, web communication, and content converges to bring forth new possibilities in entrepreneurship, collaboration, marketing, etc.

What’s the Agenda?

Here’s the brief one -> you help with the details. [Wiki Here]

Date: 20th June 2007
Location: SMU, Conference Hall, Level 5
Price: Free for Students, $25 for Non Students

1.00 pm: Registration

1.45 pm: Introduction

2.00 pm: Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,

2.40 pm :Louis Broome, Manager of Sales, Marketing and Services Readiness World Wide Creati ve Solutions, Microsoft Corporation

3.25 pm : Tea Break

4.00 pm: Lynda Brown, President , New Media BC

4.20 pm: Mike Downey, Senior Apollo Product Manager, Adobe Systems

5.00 pm : Panel Discussion and Q&A

5.30 pm : End of Day

Who is Speaking?

Mike Downey, Senior Apollo Product Manager, Adobe Systems Mike Downey is a senior product manager for Apollo at Adobe Systems, the next generation engine for the web. To understand how cool that is, check out the demos featured on Techcrunch. Before joining the Apollo team, Mike was senior product manager for Flash, where he had been one of the key people behind the engine that changed how we look at the web. At Apollo now, he is helping to redefine how we look at the convergence of the web and desktop.

Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy, As a very experienced Web Strategist, Jeremiah is focused on defining and delivering user needs, business goals, and web technology to craft and deliver long term successful web programs. He writes a great blog that gives great tips on how companies can leverage new media, as well as cover exciting new media startups, so check it out here. Personally, my favorite post is here, where he discusses the need for web marketing to be done over 6 domains, rather than over merely website and SEO.

Lynda Brown, President, New Media BC Lynda Brown is the President of New Media BC and Executive Producer of VIDFEST. New Media BC is the association representing new media producers, companies, and stakeholders in BC, while Vidfest is the annual ‘must-attend’ in Canada for top creative minds working in digital media. She is the President of the Canadian Interactive Alliance and chairs the Trade Team Canada, CGS New Media Group. She was awarded the 2005 CNMA Industry Advocate of the Year, has been recognized as a Wondrous Woman by the Wired Woman Society, and was recently named one of the top 40 under 40 by BIV. Been some feminist activities going around these days … so make sure you gals catch up with her!

Louis Broome, Manager of Sales, Marketing and Services Readiness World Wide Creative Solutions, Microsoft Corporation Louis Broome is focused on defining the strategy and driving the production, marketing and distribution of programming to the field, developing low cost solutions for producing large volumes of quality content for distribution to desktops and mobile devices.

Last But Not Least… YOU!Do not go there, expecting not to participate. As usual, we aim for a lot of energy and interaction, so bring your voice there to ask questions, your laptop there to chat via live chat, and your mobile to twitter your way into history.

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