Posted by: Blue Heavens | 18 June, 2007

Just Which Century This is……..

Talk about the new media, web 2.0, IDM blah blah blah….. Seems like a bunch of primates locked behind closed doors trying to find out how to light a fire…

Don’t get what I mean? Take a look at this.

“The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the closed-door forum was an opportunity for dialogue and reflection. “

For goodness sake, government people should take a look around them. All the talk about embracing the new age and technology seems to have gone to waste. We’re talking about the “Open” environment nowadays where communication and collaboration are key to the whole new media concept. From there, we can bring out elements of transparency and feedback, which will lead to a faster and progressive society (I’m not saying it’s a 100% certainty). I believe they should understand what’s going around in the new media scene in Singapore before conversing with foreign ministers. Though small, how many of these “ministers” know of this community which involve groups like TDM, e27,, etc?

It’s not that the government is not good at all, in fact I agree that it’s one of the best in the world. However, there’s always room for improvement. Let me try to list some of the points.

  1. Improved communication. I’m talking about govt body to govt body communication here. There seems to be a lack of communication between the respective bodies that causes conflict and in turn creates redundancy and wastage of resources such as time and taxpayers’ money. Competition is good, but not so if it leads to foul play and arrow pointing. Example of wastage of resources: Digging the road once and for all for road repairs, water pipes, electrical cables etc… Singapore’s land is small, by digging a piece of the road, you are rendering a “huge” percentage of the land useless for a period of time. And of course, govt body to people communication should always be strong, and from such an area, not kept to meet-the-people sessions nor just purely “Blasting the PM with questions” sessions.
  2. Eliminate corruption. Well, Singapore has one of the lowest corruption rates in the world. So why the heck did I mention about corruption. Check out this example which I’ve written a while ago: In brief, it was about this entrepreneur who is trying to obtain a licence for his business, but was pushed around like a ping-pong ball between two government bodies which I shall not name. When he finally got through for an application, the processing took quite so long that he had to find out what was going on. From what I know, this guy forked out his own money to find out what the managers were doing. In the end, he discovered that they were actually playing golf with his competitors all this while. What he did then was to write in to complain, and as a result these managers were subsequently removed from their positions. From what I understand, to make his application successful, he offered the Chairman of the government body some shares of his startup, and THAT made the process smoother.

Haha… That’s quite a bit which has eaten up my appetite to write more. Anyways, I conclude that communciation is the most important (after just 2 points :P) element the government is looking at. By making processes a bit more transparent, it’s a huge step for the govt to take to move forward and on the other end, convinces the normal folk that what they’re doing might be for the good of the country. (However, sociological vs economic problems are continuous depending on the govt’s stance)

Nah… Lost my thoughts already….  



  1. Having the chance to sit in during some of these ministerial discussions, I was disappointed that the contents of the discussions were mostly vague, long-overdued topics that are simply motherhood statements which had already been discussed repeatedly. No exciting ideas, no enlightening quotes, purely 2-3hrs of polite pleasantries.

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