Posted by: Blue Heavens | 27 June, 2007

You! – A Massively Overused Vocabulary Expression (MOVE)

Together with the new media, IDM (for a Singapore context), Web 2.0, or anything 2.0 for that matter, I would say the word “YOU!” has been seriously overused. I bet the MOVE (Massively Overused Vocabulary Expression) is all started from when Times magazine intended to highlight the change of focus to a personal perspective.

Well I understand everything coming from the convergence and collaboration idea where the “prosumer” is king, and as Andreas Weigend has put it, from an E focus to a Me focus. The exponential potential of the human social network has made it such that enterprises are able to reach out to a larger crowd in a short period of time. It probably existed ever sinced the Internet started, but it has been in the recent decade that someone has actually brought out and exclaimed the magic behind the whole phenomenon.

So what’s after “YOU!”? “WE!”? We would all like to speculate and predict. Would the current fad on You! end soon or would it continue for a longer period of time? It seems only recently that Singapore has caught up on the fashion though. Would the current fad end in another bubble bursting then? It’s a debatable situation that’s kinda freaky that I find quite a few similarities. But let’s just leave that for another post, shall we?



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