Posted by: Blue Heavens | 2 July, 2007

The More Connected a Customer is, the Harder it is to Reach Him

This article that Shuwen wrote is quite true. You can easily find someone just along the street having more than 2 electronic gadgets on him nowadays. People carry laptops, PDAs, handphones (often more than one), mp3 players etc….. such that it is really a challenge for marketers to reach out to the customer. With the buzz about continuous partial attention (coined in 1997 by Nathan Torkington of O’Reilly Radar), as opposed to multi-tasking, how much information does a consumer actually retain?

An example that I can bring up would be television. This technology has been around for a few decades, and the machine has evolved from your simple black and white screen to today’s HDTV. TV channels have also multiplied. For marketers, this would mean more money and effort to be put in to reach a critical mass. As Mark Stanilewicz, Interactive Marketing Leader for Asia, P&G, put it, previously it would take 4 channels at a peak time slot for a marketer to reach out to 80% of the viewers, but now, it’ll take him more than a 100 channels to reach the same mass.

There’s always a limit to how much information a consumer can absorb, with the increased amount of “distractions” everywhere, how much do you actually need to capture his few seconds of attention today?

Digital Marketing: Don’t just use it, MAKE USE of it!


Many companies spam through Instant Messaging, emails and SMSes or simply set up a digital portal or a corporate blog, for the sake of it. When such websites gets virtual cobwebs from lack of commitment and updates, it simply reflects the organisation’s waste of efforts and a blind pursuit to ride on the web 2.0/3.0 or whatever-that-comes-along-wave.

Which company do not know by now that the new media is a hugely potential channel to reach the consumer? With a certain amount of push within the organization, there is bound to be action taken to involve themselves in the web. But how much of this effort is efficient?

They fail to understand that the more connected the consumer is, the harder it is to reach him. With the proliferation of companies flocking to get themselves a .com or upload another commercial on Youtube, you must really damn well stand out and shine among the virtual clutter and grab ,specifically, your target audience’s attention. Televisions, newspapers, print, which are channels that are once considered highly cluttered, when compared to the internet, they are really not so cluttered anymore!

The internet has endless potential, but its still not magic. The key point is HARNESS, in which this case the web is simply a TOOL. The one who can take charge and make smart use of the tool will emerge the winner.

Taken from Shuwen’s blog.


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