Posted by: Blue Heavens | 16 July, 2007

Renault R26 Megane Hatch

For one reason or another, I’ve been visiting the Renault Service Centre so often nowadays (5 times over the past 3 weeks), such that I’m their regular customer.

Was there 3 times for 2 faulty electronic sensors and 1 damaged wiring connection, of which 2 out of the 3 faults are caused probably by me driving over an umbrella on the road. The last 2 times were because of this lorry that cut into my lane too early, and the hinge of the rear entrance to its metal container actually brushed across my left side mirror and rendered the cover broken.

Well that aside, this beauty was what I found myself staring at while I was waiting during one of the 5 times I was there…

The fierce looking cub… Renault Megane Hatchback R26, inspired by the Formula 1 racing car.

Renault R26 1

This is the interior of the small beast.

Renault R26 2

A comparison table featuring competing hatchbacks including the Golf GTI and R32. (Click on the image to open the original sized photo)

Renault Comparison Table 

A glimpse of what happened to my car…

Accident 2


Accident 1



  1. Ouch… that hurts.

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