Posted by: Blue Heavens | 2 August, 2007

A Little Something on Leadership

Leadership is subjective. It can be magnanimous, inspiring, motivating, but at the same time, destructive, disruptive and heartless. Leaders are visionaries. They can be omnipotent to some, but a mere pathetic mortal to others. To me, leadership is having the urge to change and improve the current state of things, having the confidence to lead the way in front of the pack and having the will to walk the talk. It appears in different forms, from having the ability to motivate people vocally to impressions made from the way of life to personally engaging and forging ahead in the dangerous battle.

Leadership identifies the exceptional from the normal. It has shaped the way the world it is today. From Confucius to Hitler to Bill Gates to our local patriarch, Lee Kuan Yew, these leaders have their own way in bringing change to this world, to motivate people, to move against the odds and to display an aura of might that is unmatched by many people. The world needs more of them, people who dare to stand out among the billions of people on this planet, to build a better future on this planet that is embracing a slow death.


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