Posted by: Blue Heavens | 4 August, 2007

Major Brands pull Advertisements from Facebook

There goes the money… Facebook is sacrificing it’s advertising base all because of lousy ad placing. It seems that major labels like Vodafone, Virgin Media and First Direct by HSBC found their ads appearing beside the far right British National Party. Does the tag “British” link the ads and BNP’s page together on the same page? If so, Facebook would have much to do qualming future advertisers. Although very much fast growing, it has caught my attention that the Facebook Flyers are actually displaying some unacceptable ads like links to adult dating sites. Given that a large part of their users are aged between 18 and 24, and the up and rising group lies from 12 to 17, this would cause great worry in parents.

“Their decision to withdraw advertising is a fresh challenge for the fast-growing social networking website, accused by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal this week of doing too little to protect young users from sexual predators. “

Some articles reporting the same news;


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