Posted by: Blue Heavens | 28 October, 2007

Why we shouldn’t “Stop Wasting Your Time on Internet Advertising”?

I refer to the article “Stop Wasting Your Time on Internet Advertising” written by Chris Jaques from Spark Project in the 19th October 2007 issue of Media. 

In this article, Chris pointed out 3 areas of the online medium where advertisements are less trusted – Email, blogs and social networking sites. Chris brought up Nielsen’s recent global survey, Trust in Advertising, the 3 media that were trusted less than any others in the world were mobile text ads, banner ads and search ads. Being a consumer myself, I would have to agree on the findings. However, in this article, Chris’ usage of the word “advertising”, and in this sense, the title of the article itself is debatable as it is dissuading companies from investing in online marketing and sales tools.

I believe what makes it feasible and worthwhile to spend money online is the power of spreading by “Word of Mouth”. Internet communication makes it fast and quick to spread the word online as compared to traditional media, and I guess that this purpose is the strongest proposition for companies to think of investing online. Next comes the power of education and information passing to the consumer.

I agree with Chris most of the time that Email advertising is very much less trusted, as the genuine message is being diluted among tonnes of spam and rubbish, such that customer perception of that anything that comes unsolicited from the mailbox is junk or contains a scam. However, do bear in mind that some customers do WANT certain kinds of mail and advertisements, provided that they have indicated their acceptance in receiving specific categories of mail.

On the topic of blogs, doing blog advertising is useful based on the fact that the blogger is someone who is more or less well known in the community or pretty much in a specific geographic area. Blog searching through the likes of technorati certainly does not entail trust and believe by the reader, as stumbling upon an “advertising” blog is almost the same as finding the SEO specialist in that group of words or tags use.

By frequenting a particular blog, one would have established a certain emotional bond with the blogger, and in turn create a form of trust between the reader and the blogger. In this case, I believe that advertising or encouraging blog posts on particular company products or services should not be enforced upon or affected by substantial amount of incentives. A regular reader can pretty much guess from the writing tone and pattern of the advertising blog post that the opinions and reviews are not in the neutral range. In my opinion, trusted reviews and feedback comes in the form of :-

  1. Reasons of coming up with that particular post 
  2. Neutral comments and feedback
  3. A balance of positive and negative points
  4. A suggestion of improvements made to the product and service
  5. A genuine recommendation of usage to the readers

Finally in his article, Chris talked about advertising on social networks. Personally, I’m a fervent user of online social networks such as Facebook and Friendster (not as much). From what I currently see on these sites, advertisers are trying to target certain specific groups of users with their products and services. This creates a value add to the users accessing the pages of some communities, groups or their friends’ pages, and boils down to a whole sense of relevance to the users. In the article, Chris mentioned about the numerous scams that appear on the site to cheat users (of sex?). As I’ve brought up above, I believe that effective online marketing would only come from word spread among acquainted people. For those who are in search of a cheap thrill, I’m sorry but you have to bear your own consequences.

With the recent clampdown of fake adverts and link exchanges, we can be sure that more useful and genuine advertisements are being unearthed from the pile of rubble. So instead of why we should not waste money on internet advertising, why not introducing and recommending ways of effective marketing investment online?



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