About Me

It’s all about me!!

Name: Wayne Soh Wee Kiat

DOB: 22nd April 1985

Age: 22

Email: If you wanna contact me, just drop me a comment!!



  1. Hi there good post about Marthin DeBeer, you might want to add http://www.telepresenceworld.net to your links. Best, Mark

  2. Hi Wayne,

    Nice blog. Just surfing through and saying hi!


  3. I’ve read some of your blog posts, and I found them really good. Useful for my schoolwork too haha! But why have you stopped blogging in here? Your posts stop at April 2008, and I think it is a great pity that you are no longer posting your thoughts online.

    Maybe you could send me a reply?

  4. Hi Shareefa, thanks for showing interest on the stuff I rant about! Erm, not much of a reason to stop writing and also to continue also. Probably due to the lack of time and then the presence of this blog slowly erodes away from my memory. So how else can I be of any help to you? 🙂

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